About Us

In 1985 the directors of Australia Wide Fire Supplies saw a need for a fire protection equipment wholesaler to provide specifically for the needs of portable fire protection equipment service companies in Australia.

Since then, we have earned an excellent reputation for quality performance throughout Australia and have built upon our philosophy as a specialist supplier by concentrating on supporting our many clients with a One Stop Shop approach.

We have a policy of not competing against our clients by selling or servicing fire extinguishers or any other product to their customers.

With our large and comprehensive stock holdings, our clients are able to order products only when required, which assist them in lowering stock holdings and an added bonus through cash flow benefits.

These strategies have proved successful and from our office and warehouse in Cardiff we not only cater to all the states and territories in Australia we also have clients internationally.

Australia Wide Fire Supplies’ success is also due to our experienced staff with over 60 years of combined experience, who can be accessed at anytime for products or advice.