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Flammable Storage Cabinets

Flammable goods storage cabinets are available in various sizes for different applications. Two door 160L and 250L flammable goods storage cabinets are ideal for workshop and factory storage of flammable substances and come complete with under-sump skids allowing them to be easily moved with a fork lift or pallet jack. 30L and 100L flammable goods storage cabinets are designed for use under bench in a laboratory or smaller workshop space. All flammable goods storage cabinets are independently certified to AS1940:2004.

A combination of unique additional safety features and high quality manufacture finish makes these flammable goods storage cabinets the preferred option for all workplaces.

Corrosive substances storage cabinets, poisons/toxic substance storage cabinets, oxidizing agent storage cabinets and organic peroxide substances storage cabinets also available on request.

Cabinets can be viewed at our Cardiff NSW facility and shipping can be arranged to all states and territories.

Please click on the following link to view our full Flammable Storage Cabinets PDF.

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